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2009-10 Art Teaching Plan

In My Life, Teaching Art, Writing on 09/30/2009 at 5:05 pm

This year, my K-5th students will “Travel the World with Art” as we take mini-“trips” each week to the following countries, learning something of the culture and art of each. A powerpoint introduction to the history/geography/culture/art of each country–as well as playing some traditional music from each culture–will precede each art lesson. We’ll explore each country for two weeks (at least). Each student will keep a Passport booklet in his/her portfolio. Upon completion of the study of the country, he/she will place that country’s sticker in his/her Passport booklet. I tie in our readings in Media Center to coincide with each country study. (For example, if we are studying Mexice, I’ll share a traditional Mexican folk tale or Aztec legend, etc.)

This is a loose outline which plots the ORDER in which we’ll encounter each country.

Country Projects
Mexico K- Crazy Cactuses

1st-3rd– Repousse Reptiles & Nearika yarn pictures

4th-5th– Paper mache pinates

Guatemala (Central America) K-1 Toucans in the Rain Forest

2nd-3rd– Jaguars in the Rain Forest

4th-5th Ancient(-like) Mayan manuscript books

Peru (South America) K-1st – Inca Suns

2nd-5th Incan Sun Masks

Chile / Easter Island K-1st– Moai Statues

2nd-5th– folk art Arpillera scenes & clay Moai statues

Africa-Kenya K-1st-Safari animals collage

2nd-5th– Thatch homes (make a model)

Africa-Egypt K-3rd– Crumpled Paper Egyptian Art

4th-5th Gold Pharoah masks

Germany K-5th German Christmas ornaments
Ireland K-2nd-Celtic crosses

3rd-5th– Illuminated manuscripts

Iraq / Afganistan K-5th– Art/letters for soldiers
India K-3rd– Batik prints

4th-5th– Taj Mahal/domed buildings—architecture

Japan K-2nd-Traditional Japanese scrolls

3rd-5th– Origami animals—the art of paper-folding

Australia K-2nd– Aboriginal dot art

3rd-5th– Design a didgideroo

Jamaica K-5th– Bright Caribbean folk art lizards, turtles, frogs

In May, we’ll plan an end-of-year party. Each grade will be asked to send in food items related to a specific, “assigned” country. We’ll have a multicultural feast to celebrate the cultures we have studied! Should be F-U-N!!

Share your opinions, thoughts, tips! Would love to hear your insights.