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Funky Tulips

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Funky Tulips

"Funky Tulips" by Janie Slater

A few days ago my mom bought me this big canvas, 2 feet by 3 feet, for my birthday (at my request). So I brought it home and whipped out these “funky tulips” I call them. I like them for their playfulness. They’re not trying to be exquisite or proper or anything. Not realistic. Just funky and fun. More expressionistic. What do you think?


ATCs for “More Mosaic Madness” & “Birds & Scenes” Swaps

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ATCs I’ve Made lately

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I joined ATCsforall.com a few weeks ago. It’s amazing how therapeutic creating artist trading cards is for me. I guess everyone needs an outlet. For me, I need deadlines. I work well with assignments. Specific jobs. I don’t do as well if I just have an open-ended amount of time and a blank piece of paper. That’s too overwhelming for me. I end up surfing for ideas, reading books, …..and doing nothing. But the whole ATC thing has made art doable and accessible again. So they’ve been a real blessing. Here are some. Above are atcs for the “Matisse” swap. We were told to make cards in the style of Matisse. You can visit my gallery at atcsforall.com. My username there is “insanejane.”

6 letter word swap: Preach

"Preacher" for the 6-letter word swap

Dictionary ATCs

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