Janie Slater, White Fence Realty

Wild Abandon…For Boring People

In Past Columns, Writing on 10/05/2009 at 4:48 pm

No way. This guy can”t be thinking of jumping, my mind was screaming.

Big boulders were everywhere. And only a little pool beneath the guy. I turned to look to my husband for consensus. His eyes riveted on the dim-wit, he said simply, “Oh no, he jumped.”

I heard the splash. I was afraid to look. But I did. And in a mili-second the jumper was up and swimming to shore like an Olympian. Bragging rights in tow. He had jumped from a rocky overhang some 20 feet up and was quickly followed by two of his buddies. Obviously there was a “spot” the locals knew was deep and safe enough to plunge into.

Wild abandon is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, it”s the price of adventure.

This scene repeated itself the remainder of the afternoon along with other foolish-seeming acts showcasing something between bravado and recklessness. But what fun. Everyone young and old seemed to find their repressed playfulness here. Even Cleve caught the bug of wild indiscretion and took off to climb up adjacent to the falls and walk-wade across the top of the falls. Throughout the afternoon, Cleve and I alternately frolicked like kids in the creek or sunned lazily on the flat boulders.

The creek below (and above) Dick”s Creek Falls outside Dahlonega offers plenty of small-scale adventures for kids. Wading through the creek at ankle (or sometimes knee) depth, our kids (four- and six-year-olds) explored, rock-hunted, and splashed for several hours. My heavy pockets attest to the number of “neat” and “pretty” thumbnail-sized rocks to be discovered in the creek. Children have only themselves, the great outdoors, and their boundless imaginations to entertain them here. And it”s better than Nickelodeon. Bookoos better. After a day of creek-wading, rock-hopping, and hiking, we were ready for the sure-fire good eats waiting for us at Caruso”s Italian Grill on Main Street in Dahlonga. Then it was off to Connie”s Ice Cream Parlour for some cold treats. Wild abandon, even as it pertains to the realm of the edible, after all, is not necessarily a bad thing.

Directions: Dick”s Creek Falls sits at the junction of Dick”s Creek and Waters Creek.To get there, go north from Dahlonega approximately 13 miles on US 19 to the paved Mt. Pisgah Church Road on left (.5 miles before reaching the junction of US 19 and US 129 at Turner”s Corner). Turn left and go 2.6 miles to the falls which will be on the left (FS 34). The road that parallels the creek provides perfect bike-riding terrain for the kids. Plenty of campsites abound for overnight, tent adventurers.


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